T5 – Admiralty

Admiralty lighting

T-5 – LED

t5 led bulbs

T8 – Red

8 bulb

We provide special grade T5 SMD and T8 lighting tubes which focus on their unique red night vision capabilities. The lights are a must for military submarines, aircraft and road vehicles. They are excellent value for money which is justified by a long life of 60,000 hours. TThe lighting tubes have surface mounted diodes with 68% current reduction. They have a 22% lux output increase against ageing fluorescent lighting tubes.



Well Glasses

red well glass submarine

Military sites and compounds demand great lighting for their residents. The IP67 Floodlight ensures a well-lit and safe environment which is paramount to the quality of the base. The 150W LED Floodlight is crafted to withstand the harsh and wet operations of military life. It has an ultra bright 12600 Lumen beam with an 120 degree viewing angle.

Ronfell Group Well glasses are built to withstand the elements and rough situations. The sturdy glass is infused and heat sealed with equally resilient, coloured silicate quartz. Once the abrasive glass is fitted, you can shift your focus to the more important matters, knowing its well being was top priority in the design process.

Safe, durable and practical products

As Cage Code U9881 main contractor, we supply a range of Nato Coded Lamps and lighting. They are made with special Admiralty Red dark adaption fluorescent tubes and LED Red Internally ballasted linear replacement lamps and well glasses or lenses in any standard military colour. Or waterproof range of led obstruction and floodlights for ships and submarines are rate to IP68. We have also a range of solar power lighting for marine and aircraft applications.

For Army/Navy/Airforce vehicles of all types, we have anti vibration led lamps for replacement of fragile filament lamps.

We also supply door and hatch seals door seals for ships which provide a unique watertight seal against seawater and corrosion.

For military staff requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in hot and humid climates our air cooled jackets and comfort vests are available in any colour and style.

We also supply a wide range of component products, bullet proof vests and equipment.

well glass lighting


Supplied in any military colour

QE2 Door Seals


Rubber Seals are water tight

air cool clothing


Prevention of heat exhaustion

bullet proof clothing


Bullet proof vests to electronic gadgets

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