Air Cooled Garments

The air cooled garment together with our Qoolkit dry vest allow air to circulate using a turbo fans, so when you perspire, your sweat and moisture wicks from your skin and is taken by the air flow of the fans and evaporated outside the body garment, because lets face it, no one wants to stand around in their own perspiration.
We supply Qoolkit air cooled clothing with battery driven turbo fans and also offer bespoke fashion jackets, shirts or tank suits made in England from quality flame retardant materials for casual or high temperature weatherproof wear. Fans operate at 6 volts. Batteries are standard 4 x AA replaceable or High Capacity Alkalines 4 x AA rechargeable or in car 6volt invertor from 12v supply. Material and colour choice available.

camouflage jacket


Used in all situations where the wearer needs cooling will benefit greatly from clothing that provided air conditioning, against heat exhaustion and temperature stress. Comfort whilst you work.
Air turbo fan cooling in jackets, shirts or tank suits made in England from quality materials for all types of fashion.

air cool jackets


The total tank suit allows forced air cooling in the upper body or lower trousers. It is separated by the waist band and air is drawn into each compartment cooling the body. It keeps you cool even in the hottest of countries which is essential for fire fighters, bakers, foundry workers, metal workers and a host of others.

Air cool Trousers


Trousers that are “Cool” and keep you cool even in the most hottest of countries, essential for fire fighters, motorcyclists, and a host of others.

Air Cooled Shirts

Shirts for men,ladies and children keep you cool under extreme hot climates. Application users: office workers and executive staff, climbers, military personnel, fishermen, construction workers, rugby and football spectators, golfers, police, public, truck drivers, air crew, fire fighters, motorcyclists, and a host of others.

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