Rubber Door Seals

rubber submarine door seal

Special Rubber Seal for Ships, Military Vehicles and Aircraft

Flame Retardant seals for ships and submarines requiring Air tight doors and hatches. Customers requiring the flexibility of a silicone rubber seal, but with the advantage of superior flame retardant choose our RGL72LCH1 material which is Flame retardant to UL94VO having low smoke, low toxicity EN 45545-2, High Temperature +270 Deg C, UV resistant, it also meets all standards required by railways, aerospace and the Military. All of our silicone products are available plain or adhesive backed and can be supplied in sheet form or converted into strips, seals, washers, gaskets and fabricated articles.

As part of a multi million pound contract with BVT Limited for the new Royal Navy aircraft carrier build program, Ronfell are proud suppliers of Rubber door seals.
The rubber seals provide unique Watertight Sliding doors and Level Access systems, making them water tight, gas tight and weather tight door

Rubber Seals

vibration rubber seal

Vibration rubber seals for pipes and equipment noise suppression

Inflatable Seals

inflatable seals

Silicone inflatable or aperture seals that can be inflated to accommodate a variable sealing of a gap. We manufacture from our own high tear strength FDA and FR approved silicone and is available in any colour to match your requirements. Used in many food industry applications.

Nitrile Seals

nitrile seals

Nirile Sea Water Seals are impervious to sea water weathering.
They are used in outflow valves, traps and locks.

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