Approved DCA ISIS/NAMSA Contractor – Cage Code U9881 and DUNS:39-762-6458
We can supply both lamps and well glasses in any standard military colour you may require.
Cannot find the products you’re looking for? We can design, develop and source products to your exact specification.
Ronfell Group’s Lamps and Lighting division is an approved contractor to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence and many overseas Navy, Air force and Army establishments. We supply a variety of lamps and electronic products which have been tried and tested in the field for more than two decades.

ship well glasses

Well Glasses

Tough, abrasion resistant silicate quartz with colour heat-sealed inside the glass.

Extremely resistant to the elements, so once they’re fitted, you really can forget about them.

Submarine Lighting


The new SMD/LED T5 lamps, specification for red night vision capability in ships, submarine, aircraft and military vehicles and brings value for money and cost effectiveness by using a new specification of 610 nanometres red 60,000 hours life and reduction in current of 68% with an increase in lux output of 22% against the old equivalent fluorescent type tubes.

Obstruction Lighting


We provide the 860 Series Vigilante which is an FAA type L-810 red Obstruction light. Designed for steady burning, this fixture is used to mark any obstacle that may present hazards to aircraft navigation.



Military sites and compounds demand great lighting for its residents, and the IP67 Floodlight ensures a well-lit and safe environment is paramount to the quality of the base. The 150W LED Floodlight is crafted to withstand the harsh and wet operations of military life to continue its ultra bright 12600 Lumen beam to wherever its 120 degree viewing angle permits

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